Merlot BellaVitano Cheese

Merlot BellaVitano from Sartori is a rich, creamy cheese married to the berry and plum notes of Merlot. It is Reminiscent of an aged, premium cheddar balanced by a full-flavored Parmesan, soaked in Merlot to give it extra tang and a delicious Merlot flavor.  A perfect cheese to place on a holiday cheese board!  About Sartori …

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espresso cheese

Sartori Espresso BellaVitano Cheese

A Sartori-family original, the Bellavitano cheese is inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese. Unique to Wisconsin, Bellavitano cheese features a rich and creamy texture with a great, crave-able taste reminiscent of an aged, premium Wisconsin Cheddar cheese balanced by a full-flavored Parmesan. This Bellavitano cheese is then hand-rubbed with freshly roasted espresso, creating a truly …

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The Cotechino is universally recognized as the father of the Zampone or pig’s trotter stuffed with chopped, seasoned meat. Its name derives from “cotica” which means the pig’s rind. The idea of stuffing the meat of the pig in a small casing made from the pig’s intestines was a very antique and effective method for preservation. More …

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fresh pasta

How to Make Fresh Pasta

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Italy is the incredible food. Pizza, wine, gelato, and cheese are all popular but arguably the most famous dish is pasta. It is estimated that Italians eat over sixty pounds of pasta per year (Americans eat about twenty pounds per person). The traditional dishes …

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