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All Antipasti

Smear, spread, or dollop these flavorful selections of accompaniments and condiments on your favorite breads, crackers, and cheeses.  There’s something for everyone; try our savory and salty olive spreads, fruity and luscious fruit jams, and tangy Mostarda with a kick!  

Lovely, crumbly, gooey, delicately mild, nutty, sharp and complex CHEESE!  It’s amazing that one food group can have so many attributes, but that’s what we love about the diverse world of CHEESE!  Cut fresh off the block is the way we like to do it.  We also offer pre-wrapped cheese if you’re in a hurry, but there’s nothing like a fresh cut chunk of cheese.  Here you will find everything from your favorite classics,  like Sansone Gigante Aged Provolone, Fulvi Pecorino Romano, and the Great King, Parmigiano Reggiano (wait until you try the 40-48month old Parmigiano). We also offer a selection of great cheeses from smaller family-owned farms like Ubricone (wine striped cow’s milk) and Sotto Cenere (Cow’s milk cheese with hints of truffle and cloves).  In addition to our Italian Cheeses, we also carry a wide variety of cheeses from Spain like Campo Del Montalban (3 milk table cheese) and Cana de cabra (fresh goat cheese log) among many more.

We pride ourselves in serving a wide selection of charcuterie just the way they do in Italy.  Choose from a wide variety of cured meats from Italy, Spain, and right here in the good old US of A.  We feature, from Italy, delicately sweet San Danielle Prosciutto, velvety Prosciutto di Parma, smoky Speck Prosciutto, wine-kissed Felino and let’s not forget the classics like Mortadella, Capicola, Soppressata, and Dry Sweet/Hot Sausage.  Indulge in our charcuterie from Spain with meats like Spicy Dry Chorizo, Catalonian Fuet, and Jamon Serrano!  Come get it freshly sliced, by the piece, or packaged and ready to go. 

Whether you are hosting an event at your home or another location, we have the perfect party-starter.  Choose between any of our beautifully crafted boards and platters.  Both our Italian and Spanish Cheese/Charcuterie Boards come with your favorite regional cheeses, salumi, nuts, and fruits.   We can even do a mixed board with some of your favorites from Italy and Spain.  Talk to any one of our staff to get you started.