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Sansone Market is upping their game by partnering with one of the most prestigious coffee brands in Italy, LAVAZZA.  At our café, we brew a wide selection of coffee that includes Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Cold Brew, and Lavazza version of American style coffee.  On hot summer days cool down with a frozen cappuccino and on the cold winter days warm up with a deliciously rich Lavazza Hot Chocolate.

When you first walk into Sansone Market, you may be lucky enough to pick up the scent of fresh baked bread, focaccia, quiches, and croissants.  In addition to offering typical Italian breads like Toscano, ciabiatta, and semolina, we will also feature specialty breads like Prosciutto Bread, Olive Bread, and Cranberry Walnut bread.

Our pastry case features some of the Italian classics like Napoleon, Tiramisu, Lobster Tails, Sfogliatelle, and a selection of Italian cakes.  Whether you’re hosting a party or need to bring something delicious to a get together, our staff will be happy to help you select a variety of our tasty pastries and cakes.

Chef Lino is known for making many great Italian dishes, but when it comes to his Gelato, we are talking culinary experience.  Lino produces a rich and creamy gelato that celebrates fresh ingredients.  Indulge in pistachio gelato with wonderfully well rounded nutty richness found only in Sicilian Pistachios. Tantalize your taste buds with his exquisite hazelnut gelato. The subtle nutty sweetness inherent to hazelnuts is the star of this showstopper.  With six flavors to choose from, there’s something for everybody.