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Our fresh produce section does not only include kitchen essentials but we offer specialty items as well.  You will find your expected onions, garlic, and peppers, but check out our amazing Heirloom tomatoes from local Long Island Farms, and unique Mediterranean selections such as lemons from Sorrento, sweet figs, and luscious persimmons.  If you want to skip the cutting, slicing, and dicing part of making your treasured family recipes, look for our “Recipe-Ready” produce.  

We love olives and take every measure to ensure that the olives you bring home from Sansone Market are bright and delicious.  From cultivating and harvesting to brining, an immense amount of care goes into making olives tender and delicious.  Centuries of Mediterranean tradition have resulted in the olives we enjoy today.   We keep olives in their original brine at all times so that they maintain freshness and the delicious flavor our ancestors intended.