Sansone MArket Local Garden City Business

5 Reasons to Shop at Local Businesses

If you drive across Long Island – or any region in the United States – you will likely find the same national brands present in every town. However, it is not these brands that keep communities strong. Local businesses are the institutions that provide communities with quality, convenience, and a unique flair that helps them stand out from the rest. Marketing efforts have been implemented in recent years with campaigns like Small Business Saturday, officially the Saturday after Black Friday. Still, local businesses need your help in order to thrive and stay alive. 

Here are some great reasons to shop local:

1. Money Stays Local

For every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $68 remains in the local economy. When you spend money at a non-locally owned business only $43 remains in that same local economy. This is part of the reason local businesses are considered the backbones of local economies. The sales taxes collected by small businesses essentially fund communities. The funds go towards important services like police and fire departments as well as street repairs and other upkeep efforts. 

2. Better Customer Service

Customer Service at Sansone MArket

More than likely local businesses hire a staff of employees with specific product expertise, which ultimately results in better customer service. For instance, the employees at Sansone Market are trained in understanding all aspects of the authentic Italian food products sold. You may even recognize your friends and neighbors as employees at local establishments. Not only will they help you find what you need, but you can also strike up a great conversation. 

3. Product Diversity

Diversity of Cheeses at Sansone MArket

Local businesses select products based on their own interests and the needs of their local customers. While brand grocery stores sell common, run-of-the-mill American products, specialty markets like Sansone Market offer imported goods from Italy. These one-of-a-kind businesses provide communities with the character that attracts patrons all over the region.

4. Eco-Friendly

With small businesses commonly setting up shop in the center of a town or village, walking scores increase. Shopping at local businesses reduces gas consumption, pollution, and congestion. Many small businesses also go out of their way to promote sustainability. Savvy business owners understand that “going green” is not only marketable, but a way to act as a role model within a community. Numerous businesses get certified every year as eco-friendly operations.

5. Help Create Jobs

Nationally, small businesses are the largest employers. Forbes reports small businesses are high impact businesses. They are defined as “having sales that have doubled over the most recent four-year period and have an employment growth quantifier of two of more over the same time period”. When a new small business opens and thrives it creates jobs in the community. Many times these employers can offer better wages and benefits than big box stores. Additionally, when more people are employed locally traffic has the potential to decrease due to less people commuting. 

Sansone Market: Long Island’s New Local Business for All Your Italian Food Needs

The businesses under the Sansone name have contributed greatly to their communities over the years. Sansone Foods continues to provide top quality Italian products to restaurants and other vendors all over the NYC metro area. Now, Sansone Market is a new one-stop retail market located conveniently in Garden City offering a wide variety of Italian goods. Have you stopped by yet? Whether you’re looking for new family dinner ideas or dessert for the holidays, Sansone Market is here to provide you with authentic Italian food products.