Making Your Own Pesto Sauce

Pesto alla Genovese or pesto sauce is a light, fresh, and herbal sauce that is perfect for the summer months. The unique taste of pesto is a tasty change to your normal spaghetti and meatball Sundays. 

You may think pesto is too challenging to make at home. However, this nutty sauce is actually one of the easiest sauces to make.  Since 1930, Sansone has been dedicated to supplying its customers with the best Italian ingredients. They will supply everything you need to make the perfect pesto at home.

Pesto’s Past

Pesto originates from the northern region of Italy in Genoa. The name pesto comes from the Genoa word pestâ which means to pound or crush. This refers to the way the sauce was made which was with a mortar and pestle. Now most people use a blender which works just as well.

Pesto’s 5 Main Ingredients

Pesto is a simple sauce with a big gourmet taste. It’s very easy to make at home and use on any dish. Most people use pesto as a sauce on their favorite pasta. However, pesto is extremely versatile. It can be used as a spread on your favorite sandwich or drizzled on top of a delicious chicken dish. There are five main ingredients in pesto including basil, pine nuts, parmesan, garlic, and extra-virgin olive oil.

  1. Basil: This is the star of your pesto sauce. The base to a good pesto is fresh basil leaves. However, not everyone has a basil plant in their backyard. This is where Sansone Market comes in. Fresh basil leaves give your pesto that epicurean taste that will leave your guests impressed. 
  2. Pine Nuts: Traditionally, a good pesto is made with pine nuts. This is because pine nuts are tender, buttery and high in fat. They leave your pesto with that silkier smooth texture. Pine nuts tend to be on the expensive side. So, if you’re trying to save some money, try using cashews or almonds.
  3. Parmesan: Who doesn’t love some parmesan cheese?  Pecorino Romano will give your pesto a more prominent cheesy flavor. You can add more cheese to your sauce if you’re looking for a creamier, cheesy pesto.
  4. Garlic: This is not a time to worry about your breath. Garlic gives your pesto that tangy aromatic taste. It keeps your taste buds interested. So, although you might think you can skip it, don’t!
  5. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: This is the highest quality of all olive oils that comes from the first pressing of the olives. If you don’t have any, don’t fret. Sansone Market carries an abundance of the best quality extra-virgin olive oil. If you think your pesto is too chunky, you can thin it out by adding more olive oil.
Plate of pasta with pesto sauce

The Finishing Touches

Now that you have your ingredients, it’s time to make the sauce. Combine all your ingredients in a blender or food processor and press blend. Sprinkle in some salt to reduce the bitterness of the basil. You can also add more or less of the ingredients for taste. If you want to feel like a real chef, adding a squeeze of lemon juice will give your sauce a refreshing tang. That’s all it takes to create this delectable sauce. 

If you have extra pesto don’t throw it away. You can store your pesto in the fridge for up to one week, or you can freeze it for as long as you want. During a busy week, you can thaw out the pesto and add it to your favorite pasta for a quick and easy dinner. 


Pesto is a sauce enjoyed by many people. It gives all the dishes a desirable taste and a delectable tang. Sansone Market can supply you with all the fresh ingredients you need to make this simple sauce at home. Its garden-fresh taste on top of a bowl of pasta makes it the perfect side dish on all backyard barbeque plates.