Merlot BellaVitano Cheese

Merlot BellaVitano from Sartori is a rich, creamy cheese married to the berry and plum notes of Merlot. It is Reminiscent of an aged, premium cheddar balanced by a full-flavored Parmesan, soaked in Merlot to give it extra tang and a delicious Merlot flavor.  A perfect cheese to place on a holiday cheese board! 

About Sartori

Sartori is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated company in the great American tradition. In 1939, Paolo Sartori and Louis Rossini cofound S&R Cheese Corp. in Plymouth, Wisconsin. In 1942, Paolo Sartori receives his first U.S. patent for “Cheese Curd Machine” and then in 1946 receives another patent for “Curd Mixing and Kneading Machine.” In 1970 Sartori is the first U.S. exporter of cheese to Italy and Japan. In 1985 Sartori pioneers freshly grated, all-natural Parmesan cheese with a longer shelf life. The Name later changes from S&R Cheese Corp. to Sartori Foods and in 1999 Bella is born and Sartori BellaVitano® cheese is introduced. Sartori expands into retail markets and delis in 2007. And to this date, Sartori continues to be a worldwide leader in artisan cheesemaking.