Bronze Cut Pasta is Food Gold

The Truth About Bronze-Cut Pasta and Why You Should Be Buying It

If you’re not using Bronze-Cut pastas, you’re cheating yourself! Well, at least that’s our opinion.

But all pastas are magically delicious, you say. This is true, with one key difference: imagine yourself in your dream kitchen, you’ve made a luscious sauce that would make any grandma proud; you toss in your pasta, plate it up (take a quick photo of your masterpiece for Instagram), lift the fork to your lips- and suddenly your sauce slides off your pasta and splashes onto your plate, and probably your shirt. You may have already fallen victim to this phenomenon before.

We’re here to tell you: it’s not your sauce, it’s your pasta!

So, what is bronze-cut pasta exactly? The Bronze-cut or Bronze-die refers to the actual bronze mold or plate (also called a die) that the pasta dough passes through to create its unique shape. This bronze die naturally creates a more course and porous surface yet yields a lighter tasting pasta.

This texture allows the pasta to act as a sort of sponge; it’s grooves and uneven surface designing it to naturally soak up whatever liquid comes its way.

This is what differentiates Bronze-cut pasta from the rest -it’s essentially a sauce sponge!

Don’t believe us, you say? All pastas are made equal? We invite you to stop into the Market and pick up a box of Dececco pasta and do an at-home taste test with your friends and family. We guarantee that you’ll not only see but taste the difference, and there’s no going back!

That, we can say, is no opinion but fact.

Stay hungry, friends.