Cup & char pepperoni

Cup & Char Pepperoni Takes New York by Storm

It seems no matter who you ask, pepperoni still holds the title as the most popular pizza topping. Pepperoni is a cured sausage filled with spices like salt, pepper, and paprika inside a skin casing. Who can resist a bite of a gooey, delectable, pepperoni topped pizza? Other than vegetarians, no one. However, have you ever noticed the pepperoni from one pizzeria might be crunchier, tastier and look a little different than another? There’s a reason for that.

Flat pepperoni slices is the most commonly used pepperoni. These disc slices stay flat to the surface of the melted mozzarella. However, there is another type of pepperoni called cup & char pepperoni.  These pepperoni slices are bright red discs that curl up to resemble little oil-filled bowls. They have an unusual appearance, but they have extraordinary taste.

Cup & Char Pepperoni – A Full Blown Trend

The cup & char pepperoni pizza is a full-blown trend in New York City. The upgraded version of this classic slice has received much fan admiration for its mouthwatering flavor and tasty grease-filled centers. This pepperoni was specially crafted for Buffalo, NY and  has been a trademark of their signature roni slices. The cup & char pepperoni earned the nickname “Buffalo Style” for its large presence on Buffalo style pizza. Most recently these bacon like bowls have begun to pop up on pizza slices all over NYC.

What Causes the Curve

The cup and char’s curved and crusted appearance is extremely unique.  Its preparation is very distinctive as well. There are many factors that contribute to the curving. .  

The Casing Impacts the Curve

  • The flat pepperoni we all know and love is made with a fibrous casing. Therefore, the casing stretches as the meat is packed into it. The casing must also be stripped before you can enjoy your roni slices because it’s not edible. On the other hand, the cup and char pepperoni slices curve up because the meat is packaged in natural or collagen casings. These casings don’t stretch as much as a fibrous one. Because of this, the meat is forced to stick to the sides of the casing. Natural and collagen casings are edible so they don’t need to be removed. Therefore, the pepperoni can be sliced and cooked in them. This causes the pepperoni slices to curve up as the casing shrinks from the heat when being cooked.

Heat Impacts the Curl

  • The heat distributed throughout the slice of the pepperoni enhances the curl. Flat pepperoni doesn’t char around the edges because the entire slice is insulated by the bread and cheese. The edges of the “Buffalo Style” roni slice chars because, after it curls, the edges are not insulated like it’s middle. When the slice curves up, the oil of the pepperoni slides from the rising edges to the center of the slice, forming a puddle of flavorful oil inside the meaty bowl. This is different from the flat pepperoni slice, who’s oil just spreads onto the surrounding mozzarella.

The cup & char pepperoni slices are specifically used on pizza. However, their amazing taste and bacon-like crunch can be a great addition to any recipe. Their strong piquant taste is what’s causing pizzerias around NYC to make the switch. The taste is so much better, restaurants are willing to spend 75% more on this pre-sliced cupping pepperoni. These slices are also more aesthetically pleasing. Their charming small size and glistening grease puddles are a bonus causing a higher social media appeal.

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